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Our Studio's Philosophy
As professional artists and lifelong image-makers we're forever changing, always on the cutting edge and thriving on new ideas. We know that portraits of loved ones are among your most valued possessions. We've personally committed our energy, dedicated our time, and pledged our art to the creation of original photographic treasures. Our unique photography stimulates your thoughts, touches emotions and preserves your individual memories. These photographs are the possessions you would rush to recue from a burning building. We believe the only photographs you will ever forget are the ones you do not take!

When you decorate your home with fine photography of your family members, you show that you know "what matters most." Photography reveals that you treasure the people in your life and the moments you have with them. Just as a jeweler polishes a gem, a talented professional photographer sculpts shadows and time into something precious and unique. With meticulous attention to detail, we have the artistic ability to transform moments into priceless memories. We're currently celebrating our 28th year in business with more PASSION than ever before. Share a glimpse of "your personal passion," and allow us to create a timeless image that is expressive and insightful. "It's your legacy."
-the Spicer Team

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We amaze The Spicer experience doesn't stop at the camera lens! After the cameras are packed away, we begin our inspiring graphic design work with your images. We offer techniques, styles, backgrounds and locations you can't get anywhere else. Come see us for a unique one of a kind original work of art.

We know You wouldn't want to have an imitation of a professional session, when you can schedule the real thing!