Portrait Session Tips
Weather (Outdoor Sessions)
What about the clouds and maybe rain. Clouds are a photographers friend! They help eliminate unwanted shadows from harsh light, improve backgrounds and provides more options in open areas. It's all about the quality of light and knowing precisely how to use it to your advantage. Wind? We have several private locations near our studio. When it comes to weather, each location has it's own characteristics including our own 1.5 acre portrait property where our studio is located. We've spent decades out maneuvering Nevada weather where monitoring wind reports is an everyday event. When extreme unmanageable conditions occur and rescheduling is not possible our studio is a great option.

Keeping it Fun!
A good expression on every face is the very heart of the family portrait. Organize everything the day before your session so that your family members do not feel hurried and hassled. This will ensure good expressions! For example, if Dad doesn't want to wear a tie, we do not want to force him. Let him make a photo-memory in comfort. If your son wants to bring his skateboard for a special shot, encourage him. If your daughter needs her teddy bear for comfort, be sure she has it. If your family is most comfortable in Blue Jeans, wear blue jeans. If you have a family interest in scuba diving, bring some gear for a fun shot. The Spicer's will make your portrait experience a very special event. We will draw out the best in each of you for the best facial expressions, so be prepared to have a wonderful time just enjoying each other!

Clothing (Family Portraits)
We like to design family portraits with a coordinated color scheme. Keep this in mind when you choose your wardrobe. You do not have to be matchy-matchy, but colors should compliment each other. Usually, we recommend warm-toned clothing for your family portrait. We suggest Black (always flattering ), ' Navy Blue, Forest Green, and Burgundy Red, our favorite color. Solid white shirts or pants will emphasize the clothing and not the person. In harsh light white clothing can create a long list of avoidable issues. So, our recommendation is to limit solid white clothing if you can. Yes, Levi's are fine. Lake Tahoe: Blue Shirts may not be the best color choice at the Lake. You may blend in with a blue sky and a blue lake.

Plan ahead (in Studio)
Please have your clothing grouped together by outfit and on hangers. Also, if you need to put on make-up or style your hair at the studio you will need to arrive early enough to be ready at your start time.

Camera Ready (for Women)
Makeup should be slightly heavier than normal. Also, avoid makeup with any SPF in it. Although it is good for your skin in the sun, the SPF tends to create a shine. Summer shine can be controlled by using translucent powder that knocks out shine without adding additional color.

Instant Diet Trick
If you want to look slimmer, choose darker colors and longer sleeves. Sleeveless shirts can draw attention to your arms instead of your face and should be avoided if at all possible.

Fido Friendly
Pets are always welcome! However, they can be distracting and can dominate a session. Careful planning with pets makes the difference. We are animal people!If your bringing a pet, make sure we know your pet is coming. We'll also need their name, breed, color and temperament.

High School Senior Casuals
Today's High School Seniors are incredibly fun. Each session is as unique as the person being photographed. Whether it be quiet and thought provoking, very contemporary, sports related or challenging locations. Today's seniors demand high skill levels from qualified photographers to capture the memories of this important chapter in their lives. Clothing tends to be livelier, brighter and typically exactly what you like to wear (even light patterns). Be careful on the sleeveless shirts unless you love your arms. White is a challenging color. Limit your whites to one outfit if you can. The more we know about you the better! Be careful not to spend a long day at the lake or golf course the day before your session. A tired red face can be difficult to photograph and not to much fun either! We typically do no more than two sessions per day. Please take your session date and time as seriously as we do. Once you're scheduled, a consultation takes place on the phone or in our studio. Your session date is planned and designed especially for you with props, backgrounds, locations and appropriate equipment. Reschedules without good cause are a disappointment and use up a limited slot someone else could have used!

For maternity pictures we suggest that you be photographed in your seventh or eigth month. Black is always flattering; it's warming and minimizes areas that you do not want to emphasize. Remember to schedule ahead. You should always schedule your newborn appointment at this time.

Babies (Dress for Success)
Our studio wants your baby to be the center of attention in his or her portrait, so we discourage busy or uncomfortable outfits. Tiny babies can't sit, so when they lay down, even the cutest clothes bunch up, and distract from the portrait. Avoid clothing that is too big, because it tends to bunch and cover the baby's features. For newborns to six months cloth diapers are always a good choice. We advise you to focus on diaper covers for infants and newborns. You can accessorize with hats, headbands, ribbons and bows for the cuteness factor (we have many). A hat makes a wonderful frame for an adorable face. Be aware that many babies despise having their clothes changed. Changing clothes can sometimes end a session, so we advise no more than two clothing options. It's best to start with your favorite outfit first because you never know how long a little one will last.

Munchies (for Babies)
Do not forget the bottle and the munchies! (Remember, bottle babies might need water, not just juice or formula). We all like to eat comfort food and if a child gets upset, a full tummy can make everything better!

Prime Time Pictures (Infant Scheduling)
Between six and seven months old is your prime picture taking time. Babies are more animated and can sit on their own, but cannot move out of frame. Remember to try and schedule about three months in advance.

Gift Certificates
Don't forget to register with us for your baby shower. Gift Certificates also make great birthday and Christmas gifts.