About Us
We Are Jeff and Martha Spicer, the proud owners of Spicer Photograph, the #1 choice for extraordinary portrait photography.

We believe Cutting edge photographs and artwork will take your message of individuality to the world. Outdoors or in the studio, the Spicer session is an innovative event. With casual enthusiasm, we have the experience and talent to both relax and energize you in front of our lens. Our flattering sense of light will sculpt and define your features and physique and we'll bring out your best look with highlights and shadows. Whether your style is rock star and ultra-glamorous or understated and classic, we'll create poses that express your personality.

spicer team photo

Jeff Spicermaster photographer
Master Photographer

My father was a perfectionist with everything he did, a soldier, flight engineer, inventor, businessman, writer and photographer. The gift of seeing and not just looking came from my Dad. It's been that way for several generations. I acquired my first respectable camera when I was thirteen. My love of the outdoors and the desire to share my adventures meant more camera equipment, a darkroom and education. During that love affair with film I joined the Fire Service. I often carried a camera in the field photographing floods, fires, rescues, planes, trains and every unimaginable human experience, good and bad plus all the history of each incident. I learned a great deal from news photographers, often just by watching how they handled themselves and their equipment. Requests for my services included Photographing the largest "car collection" auction in the world, becoming friends with Matt Browning of Browning Arms, to photographing the President and Vice President of the United States. The opportunities and experiences were endless. Heavy turnout gear, air-pack's and equipment took their toll and my back wasn't liking it. I spent 23 years with the Sparks Fire Department and opened a portrait studio during that same period. I completed the last 14 years of that career as a Fire Captain and balanced my time between our studio, a Fire Station and countless educational opportunities to study with the biggest names in the photographic industry. I traveled a lot throughout Canada, Mexico, South America and Europe with my wife Martha. It all shaped and influenced my perspective as an image-maker. My images were consistently published in national magazines, including several covers which lead to National Award Winning Prints. I received my first P.P.A. Professional Photographers Certification in 1999, awarded my Master Photography Degree in 2004 and a Business Degree several years prior. If you happen to encounter guy with a bunch of camera's around his neck, with a pretty gal named Martha and a big Yellow Lab named "Chloe" that's me! I'm so lucky!

Martha Spicer
CEO, Funny Lady

Well, it was love at first sight, when a college girl studying Aeronautics at San Jose State caught my eye. We dated for 2½ year's and married. Martha received her business degree from UNR while sitting in classes along side a two year old who happened to be one of our three children. As our many clients would attest, "Martha has more energy than any one person should be allowed to have."
Several years ago a young intern asked me what would I consider my lucky break was. That was easy (don't tell her, there's been a few) to answer, "Martha!" She's in the trenches with me no matter what. Whether I'm orchestrating a new image project or sitting along side me at a portrait seminar or convention, she's always there, trudging along with yours truly, thick or thin. She knows just about every aspect of photography and is vital to most sessions involving families and children. Martha is the co-catalyst for our never-ending pursuit for photographic excellence, and unequaled client services. Her reputation for providing impeccable design inspiration contributes to the unique Spicer appeal.

Nick Higman
Photographer/ Graphic Artist

Nick is my right hand man, fellow artist and photographer who shares our same philosophy. His passion for photography, youthful inspiration and energy helps fuel our work environment and ads another dimension to our unique style. We're very fortunate to have Nick!